7 Best Landing Page Builder Software Reviews

If you want to get real results from your marketing efforts, you’re going to need to arm yourself with the best landing page builders.

But it’s easy to get lost in the sea of landing page software, especially if you are just starting out. Well, I’ve got news for you:

Not all landing page builders will be good for your business.

In fact, some landing page software might ruin your marketing agenda, which will result in bad experiences for your site visitors and your sales.

So if you want to build effective landing pages that will increase leads and convert well, you must opt for the best.

In this article, we will take a look at a bunch of landing page builder software that will help you convert more of your visitors to leads by making them subscribe to your offers.

Trust me, as far as landing page builder lists go, you will find the best ones here on this list.

To help us look at these tools, we will explore a set of criteria in relation to each landing page builder. So sit back and take a load off as I take you through these tools that will explode your marketing potential.

1. Unbounce

Unbounce is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile landing page builders you’d find.

The solution is designed to complement entrepreneurs and programmers looking to build 100% customized landing pages quickly.

Its drag and drop interface makes it extremely easy to use, plus it is compatible with WordPress and you can add your own HTML and CSS codes if you like.

And, that’s just a tip of the iceberg.


  • Pop-ups and sticker bars for visualization
  • A/B split testing features
  • Permits integration
  • Responsive design and parallax options
  • Background video and several widget options
  • WordPress compatibility
  • Flexible editor
  • Fast loading time
  • Stand-alone analytics


Unbounce houses over 125 professional-looking templates that can be easily customized to suit your every need. You can also get access to the over 200 templates in Unbounce’s Themeforest, most of which cost around 20 Euros.

Pricing and subscriptions

• Essential plan: $75/month

• Premium: $159/month

• Enterprise: $399/month

2. LeadPages

If you feel like getting a decent landing page builder is over your budget, then you should check out LeadPages and think again.

LeadPages is one of the best landing pages software on the market that offers a wide range of features and templates, and you don’t have to cripple yourself financially to get it.

The solution uses a drag and drop feature which makes it easy for just about anyone to get a grip of.

It focuses mostly on lead generations and houses hundreds of free templates which you can base your business on.


LeadPages offers a wide variety of features according to each subscription plan, but here’s a range of what it offers:

  • Easy integrations
  • Customized pop-ups and forms
  • Compatible with WordPress
  • Facebook advertising campaign creator
  • A/B split testing
  • Dedicated support
  • Search engine optimized pages
  • Internal analytics
  • Responsive pages
  • Internal payment solutions


In addition to its 160+ free templates, LeadPages offers over a hundred affordable templates.

Pricing and subscriptions

Standard plan: $25/month

Pro plan: $48/month

Advanced plan: $199/month

3. Instapage

If you want a landing page builder that is fast and super easy to use, then Instapage is for you.

Instapage stays true to its name by helping marketers and entrepreneurs build professional-looking landing pages in a matter of minutes, which makes it the ideal software for marketers who want a fast and powerful page builder.

Instapage’s simple interface and drag and drop features ensure that users can easily make use of it with little or no help.

It is reliable, affordable, and can copy the layout of any website to be used as a landing page template.


  • Drag and drop features with minimal limitations
  • Allows integration
  • A/B split testing
  • Library of free photographs
  • Team collaboration
  • Responsive designs and parallax option
  • Video background features
  • AMP landing pages


Instapage grants you access to 200+ templates that are categorized according to their use.

Pricing and subscriptions

Core plan: $99/month

Enterprise plan: Quote-based

4. Wishpond

Social content and marketing automation features are elements of a good landing page builder, which is why Wishpond makes this list.

Wishpond is almost as comprehensive as Unbounce, and it grants you a lot of features including pop-ups and marketing automation features, in addition to being able to create landing pages.

But one advantage Wishpond has over a lot of other page building software is that even its basic package allows you to create an unlimited number of landing pages, email campaigns, and pop-ups.

Its packages are priced based on the number of leads generated.


  • Unlimited number of landing pages, social campaigns, and pop-ups
  • Easy integrations
  • Lead activity tracking
  • Marketing automation features
  • Affordable starting prices
  • Pricing is based on the number of leads
  • SMS marketing


Wishpond offers about one hundred templates that suit various business sectors.

Pricing and subscriptions

Starting out plan: $49/month

Most popular plan: $99/month

Rapid growth plan: $199/month

5. GetResponse

You might know GetResponse as an email marketing tool, but it also doubles as a landing page building software.

In fact, it is one of the fastest growing page builders on the market, thanks to its intuitive user interface and comprehensive features.

One of its main selling points is that you can host your landing page for free on the platform, provided you have your own hosting service or you opt for a Subdomain.


  • Free image library
  • A/B split testing
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Integration with CRM
  • Internal analytics


GetResponse comes with numerous, free responsive templates that are categorized by their purpose.

Pricing and subscriptions

Email plan: $15/month

Pro plan: $49/month

Max plan: $165/month

Enterprise plan: $1,199/month

6. Lander

Another page builder worthy of mention is Lander.

This software is best suited for small businesses, as is reflected in the price which is determined by the amount of traffic that the landing pages generate.


  • 100% customizable templates
  • Custom package available
  • Fast loading time
  • A/B split testing
  • Facebook dedicated landing pages


Lander offers about 100+ free templates categorized by their use.

Pricing and subscriptions

Basic: $25/month

Pro: $83/month

Team: $167/month

Enterprise: Quote-based

7. Launchrock

Free tools are often overlooked by marketers. And, I get it – “if it is good, it must be expensive.”


Some of the best online marketers I know still make use of free landing page builders to form the backbone of their marketing strategy.

One of the best free landing page software I have come across is Launchrock.

Launchrock is an easy-to-use tool designed to help launch your product with high chances of it going viral.

Spoiler Alert: It has limited features, but for a free tool, it is 100% worth your time, especially if you are a new entrepreneur that has yet to launch a product.


Launchrock is, without a doubt, one of the best tools for creating landing pages, especially for new marketers because of its ease of use. Here’s an overview of its features.

  • Simple interface and responsiveness
  • Analytics tools
  • Block-Based WYSIWYG Builder and custom HTML
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Subdomain and custom domain
  • Permits integrations
  • Social media sharing
  • Pre-built templates
  • Hands-on approach: Launchrock has a dedicated team of experts on standby to guide you from the page creation stage to the marketing stage.


Launchrock features a couple of templates including an option to build your landing page from scratch.

Pricing and subscriptions

Starter plan: Free

Professional plan: $5/month

Wrapping it up

So, there you have it. These are undoubtedly the best tools for building landing pages.

I hope you have discovered the ideal page building software to complement your marketing strategy today.

Remember that almost all of these tools offer some sort of free trial, so it won’t hurt to try them all out and find the one that works best for you.