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Mofluid Review- Why Mofluid Is the Best Magento App Builder.

Mofluid Review
Every business owner’s dream is to bring their goods as close as possible to their customer so they can access at the snap of a finger or better still at the click of a button.

In this age of fast internet, having an e-commerce store to sell your products might not be enough. Mofluid, a Magento mobile building platform, helps you go the extra mile with a Magento mobile app extension which enables you to create an iOS or Android app for your e-commerce website your buyers can download on their mobile devices.

Mofluid is a user- friendly, easy to use interface – users who have been looking for how to develop a mobile e-commerce app for their site testify that it is indeed a one-stop solution for them.

You just install the extension and configure it to your taste using the admin panel, add some app builds and your app is ready for download on Google Play and Apple store.

It gives you total control so you can customize the way your app looks and feels.

The app offers some exciting features that ensure the ease of your app building experience. Here are few reasons why we think Mofluid is the best magneto mobile app builder on the market today.

Cool Customized themes:

You can set up your mobile app without any programming skills at all with just a few clicks. You can even choose any layout of you want from the exhaustive options available.

A unique system of widgets also allows you to pick your preferred color, upload your logo and banner slider giving your app any look that fits your brand. The app also offers the option of either a modern look for all type of sites or a vogue style specifically for fashion sites.

Helping you maintain an attractive appeal with your customers.


The Mofluid app is Multilingual, allowing you to work on your app in any language of your choice like English, German, French, Arabic, Chinese or Hebrew.

This is an important feature for non-English speakers. The app content will be customized to the language of your choice and price details can be viewed in the currency of a selected country.

Broad payment gateways and shipping:

Just like your magneto e-commerce site which already supports a lot of popular payment options. Mofluid offers even more ease of customer’s payments on your app.

Providing easy-to-use, authorized and secure gateways such as paypal,, PayU, stripe, applepay, Braintree, paytm citrus and a long list of others. The plug-in also integrates your existing shipping methods seamlessly in your mobile app.

All default shipping methods on magneto are as well as all third party shipping method extension implemented by Magento standards will be integrated into your app without any extra effort.

Customer engagement with push notifications:

Mofluid comes with Pushwoosh add-on a push notification setup which helps you to Keep customers updated with new offers, promotions and irresistible deals via Push Notifications.

Helping to keep your customers happy and boost sales. With pushwoosh, you can also group your audience and your notifications into batches of push notifications helping you to establish a connection with your customers by with meaningful messages.

Multiple store view:

Looking to great a departmental store or manage multiple businesses on your app? Mofluid has his amazing feature that allows you operate numerous stores and businesses from one single app. all your stores can be brought together in one app with one back-end.

Social app:

Mofluid allows you to build a social media friendly app which enhances customer experience on your app. Users can easily login to your e-commerce application and make their purchases using Social login through their Google + and through their Facebook accounts without having to create an account on your app again.

You can also add sharing buttons which helps you get likes on Facebook, Google+ and a lot of other platforms. Mofluid users can amplify your products to their followers and friends across different social networks at the same time rather than share to each social media platform directly.

Supported platforms and seamless integration:

The Mofluid plug-in works on both Android and iOS devices and is downloadable directly from Google Play store and iTunes stores. The plug-in syncs your app directly with your magneto e-commerce store in a way that no other app does.

Changes on your site to the Product catalog, Categories, Orders and Customers profile are reflected and registered instantly on your mobile app.

The app also delivers excellent features which are always upgraded. This ensures that your mobile app keeps up with latest trends and stays relevant. Mofluid also offers excellent maintenance and support services. Bugs and errors are fixed rapidly across all channels.

Swipe gestures and animations:

The Mofluid plug-in comes with swipe gestures and animations offering smooth mobile interaction which enhances user experience and gives your app a unique feel and look. The animations provide feedback to the users on successful completion of any gestural action.

Free google analytics extension:

Growing your business is the goal and google analytics is a tried and tested way to do this. This unique service is not available on any other app extension except Mofluid. Google analytics helps you grow sales by turning customer insights into great gains for you.

Saves you money and time:

Every business owner seeks ways of not just cutting cost but getting value for all expenses.

Mofluid system customizable features allow you to create and integrate all the amazing features of an easy-to-use Magento website with the powers of a mobile app ad yet this comes at a cost which is a fraction of what you would have spent on an application built from scratch.

This together with the fact that rather than wait for months or years for a similar mobile app to be ready, you’ll need just a few hours with Mofluid.

So, there you have it, the slew of features, relatively inexpensive pricing, and ease of use makes Mofluid the best Magento app extension on the market today.