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PureVPN Review 2016

PureVPN Review

VPN refers to Virtual Private Network that secures your online activity, giving you complete anonymity about your activities and presence on the internet.

User friendly and with minimum complexity, VPN works by imitating your IP to get to the restricted access without revealing your information to prohibited censors.

PureVPN offers you some of the great features which are most attractive to high end users.

Flooded with VPN services, the market offers ample options. The working of the VPN remains unchanged as it uses an IP different to the one assigned by your ISP.

This makes it difficult to track the online events. The computer is connected to a particular server in a region routing all the activity to the web in encrypted mode.

Account & Subscription

Like other VPN services, PureVPN account also needs a paid subscription; however you can opt for a monthly subscription,half yearly and annual plans. The number of simultaneous logins increased to 5 is a welcome move by PureVPN.

Enterprises can go for Business edition based on the number of accounts. Large organizations prefer to have a devoted server for non-shared connectivity.


To talk about installation, PureVPN is a little time consuming as compared to others. The installation works differently depending upon the location you enter.

The executable is downloaded after you append your location. i.e. ‘rest of the world’. After installation, you are presented with the ‘Get Started’ guide.

When you choose ‘China’, the executable is different and the software takes care of server selection. Given how other services work, the process takes substantial time.


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PureVPN interface is clean, simple and nice. The drop down list for servers, provides selection for 21 countries which is quite imposing. You can simply get started after putting in your login details.

Upon connection, the information is comprehensively shown displaying your new IP, Traffic and Session details along with duration and timings. Strikingly, PureVPN doesn’t put a bar on bandwidth which is much expected but absent here.

Intelligence Selection

With PureVPN, you play smart in terms of server selection for countries that have multiple servers.

A personalized selection menu easily lets you to do it. To be able to select the servers manually or the system doing it for you is something that you would appreciate by using ‘Intelligence’ selection.

Adding the precise reason for using the services is used by the service to ascertain the most suitable server for you.

Split Tunnel

Another feature which is presently in testing phase, called ‘Split Tunneling’, gives you the benefit of selecting applications that should use VPN.

This is especially advantageous when you are sure about your content. Relatively cumbersome downloads can be set to do away with VPN mode which may take longer streaming time.

Encryption Levels

Different security levels and auto connectivity is another add-on in PureVPN. Although it may take extra time but a good encryption level ensures better security.

Lower encryption or no security options can also be chosen, offering better rate of streaming.


PureVPN performance is as good as you can get, without any hiccups. Be it high resolution videos, graphical content or huge transfers, the speed is pretty good without any lags and disruptions.

The performance doesn’t drop even while servers at overseas locations are in access.


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A competitive evaluation of PureVPN makes it a worthwhile option in comparison to the other services. A nice interface, promising Split Tunnel feature, though only in beta for now and a strong performance gives it a good cumulative rating in VPN space.

— Why you should trust me/us?

The sanctity of this review comes from my experience into reading and working on VPN services for years. A close look and feel of varied VPN services is what enabled me to correctly analyse on PureVPN efficacy.

Interviewing subject matter experts and inputs from old timers have also helped to my assessment.

— Who should buy this?

Both individuals and Enterprises can go for PureVPN with its different plans. Customizable options, reasonable pricing, compatibility along with all important factors of robust performance and security control makes it a deal for all.

— What makes a good VPN?

A great performance merged with optimum security, dynamic nature and reasonable costing makes it for a complete package.

— How We Tested?

I connected internet by browsing significant security accounts, using wireless networks in public space and also in private networks. I used Wireshark to keep a track of my inbound and outbound network activity. was deployed to measure the network rates. Speeds were tracked while connecting to different servers. Nearby servers were also tried for any difference. Speed measurements with VPN services ON and OFF were analysed as well.

— Best for Whom?

PureVPN qualification is unrestricted. Go for a free trial to decide.

— Also 2nd Best Alternative?

HideMyAss comes closest.

— Who Else likes them?

First timers and the ones who want stable services.

— Competition (hidemyass, ipvarnish, purevpn)

PureVPN, HMA and Ipvarnish are equally competitive and score neck to neck in terms of performance, compatibility, security features and simplicity.

— Wrapping it up?

Some notable offerings from PureVPN as specified in my review, certainly makes it tough for others in the list.


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