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DiffServ over MPLS Test-Bed
Setting up DiffServ over MPLS test-bed over Linux.
Configuring DiffServ over MPLS over Linux Configuration of Red Hat Linux Machine as Diffserv over Mpls router
TC scripts Example TC scripts for Filters
NTP configuration
Sample NTP configuration file for Linux Server
DiffServ over MPLS DiffServ over MPLS and how SLA at the application layer can be mapped to the QoS at the network layer.
My Thesis My MS Thesis on DiffServ over MPLS and QoS. Download as pdf.

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IEC MPLS Tutorial This is a good introduction to MPLS and is a good starting point. The tutorial is somewhat old, but complete.
IEC MPLS Traffic Engeering article Comparison of MPLS TE initiative.
Converge Digest’s MPLS Tutorial This is the one of the finest tutorials on MPLS and how it functions written by Rick Gallaher.

Converge Digest’s MPLS Traffic Engineering
This article again by Rick Gallaher deals with mpls traffic engineering.
Linux MPLS implementation How can we forget the open-source linux implementation for linux?
MPLS Resource Center This site is actually a mpls resource bag.
OpalSoft QoS Link Nobody explains QoS and DiffServ better than this guy. Surely a treasure link.